Vetenskapsområdet för medicin och farmaci

Research Track Day: Reproduction and Development

The much-anticipated Research Track-concept will premiere October 27th with focus on Reproduction and Development. PhD-students and Supervisors, please register now.

Time: October 27th, 9 AM – 4.30 PM
Venue: Gunnesalen, entrance 10. Psykiatrins hus
Register to: no later than October 13th
Download Program Reproduction and Development

Research Tracks

The Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy now introduces the concept of thematic Research Tracks in the education and training of PhD-students. The basic idea is to increase all PhD-students and researchers opportunities to meet, interact and immerse in creative research processes.

To qualify for a research track, each PhD-student has to participate in the following events during the research training:

  • 2 research track days
  • 1 international conference in a research field relevant for the track chosen
  • 5 ECTS (minimum) of specialized courses, according to definitions in the list

Completing these requirements will render a 1.5 ECTS "track course" which will serve as the formal confirmation of participating in the research track.

Beginning January 1, 2018 all newly admitted PhD-students will choose at least one track in their application for admission. Students that are already in training are also welcome and encouraged to choose a track! Send an e-mail with your name and the track of your choice to the research training committee at

The research tracks initiated to date – allowing PhD-students to distribute themselves into entities of comparable size and scope – are:

  • Inflammation (Inflammation)
  • Cardiovascular diseases (Hjärta-kärl)
  • Cancer (Cancer)
  • Drug development (Läkemedelsutveckling)
  • Infection (Infektion)
  • Neuroscience (Neurovetenskap)
  • Metabolism (Metabolism)
  • Reproduction and development (Reproduktion och utveckling)
  • Musculoskeletal system (Skelett-rörelseapparaten)