Apply for scholarship in applied biomaterial research


Young researchers within the field of applied biomaterial can now apply för Viking Olov Björk’s scholarship of 275 000 Swedish Crowns. Send full application in english no later than September 30, 2019.

Viking Olov Björk (1918–2009), Uppsala university

Viking Olov Björk’s scholarship of 275 000 Swedish Crowns supports research in the intersection between medical technology and its close to clinical applications. This covers research and development within such areas as tissue engineering, nanotechnology or biomaterial research.

The scholarship will be presented to a young researcher at a Nordic university who has shown scientific skills in the field and shown aptitude for leadership within the scientific field supported by the scholarship.

The scholarship proceeds should be used to finance the recipient’s costs for a longer visit to a high ranking international research institute within a year after the funding.

Researcher with employment at/or other similar strong collaborative link with Uppsala University shall prevail. Such link requires a well witnessed, and the year before application established collaboration in a research project that has Uppsala University as principal organization.

Application shall be written in English and include

  • CV
  • Research plan for the project expected to be carried through at the foreign institute
  • Certificate from the foreign site confirming access to and availability of resources
  • Statement from tutor/similar at the own Nordic university
  • Budget for the stay abroad

Send digital application to no later than September 30, 2019.

Submit the application in one single pdf file. Mark the application mail subject line ”Viking Olov Björk’s scholarship”.

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