EIT Health Call – Innovation by ideas


EIT Health hereby invites partners to submit proposals for Innovation by Ideas projects to be included in the Business Plan to start in 2019. A maximum contribution of €500 000 can be sought for each project. Apply no later than 2 October 2018, 4pm.

Innovation by Ideas projects should build on multidisciplinary collaboration and address and contribute to at least one societal challenge and one business objective (as outlined in the EIT Health Strategic Agenda). The ultimate objective of the projects should be the rapid market penetration of innovative products and services.

A maximum EIT contribution of €500 000 can be sought for each project. The EIT contribution will only be provided for a maximum of 12 months, finishing on December 31st 2019 at the latest.

Submission deadline 2 October 2018, 4pm, Munich time
Further information Call for innovation by ideas Proposals 2018

Anna Franzén
Collaboration Manager, UU Innovation
070-167 9768, anna.franzen@uuinnovation.uu.se

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