Emily Troscianko: Föreläsning & Seminarium

Den 12-13 mars ger Emily Troscianko, Oxford University, en gästföreläsning samt ett seminarium i lokal Engelska parken - Eng6-0022. Fri entré, ingen föranmälan.

Tid 12-13 mars 2018
Plats Engelska parken, Eng6-0022
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Gästföreläsning: Creative bibliotheraphy and mental health
2018-03-12, kl. 15.15–17.00
Seminarium: Cognitive science and literary studies
2018-03-13, kl. 13.15–15.00

Emily Troscianko has a background in cognitive literary studies, investigating readers' psychological responses to fiction. This interest in the effects of literary reading led to a project exploring the relationships between fiction-reading and mental illness: a partnership with the UK eating-disorders charity Beat has generated rich survey data on these connections to form the basis for experimental investigation.

As well as coauthoring a textbook on consciousness, Emily Troscianko also writes a blog about eating disorders, called 'A Hunger Artist', for the US website Psychology Today, and is developing an app to support recovery from anorexia.

Arrangörer: Forum för medicinsk humaniora och samhällsvetenskap, Litteraturvetenskapliga institutionen.